Spitfire's Inevitable Subscription: How Upset Will You Be?


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I abhor the subscription model. Both Adobe and Autodesk (my day job) also went this route and I think it sucks. IMHO of course. I do subscribe to the Roland cloud but only because they never had a purchase option. If Spitfire still allow you to purchase as well like EW then it's OK by me.


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EW only have the subscription model because it allows them to make money without doing much.

Also, do any search on this and you find Spitfire already said they aren't interested. So why bring it up?

These Spitfire titled angst threads are just rumour and unrealistic expectations. See the resolution by the OP in the Spitfire "refund" thread for example. Turns out Spitfire isn't evil after all! :eek:


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Personally, I dislike subscription models especially when it comes to software that I'm using on a daily basis. This among the other things has drove me away from Pro Tools. (On the other hand, I've discovered the benefits of REAPER in the process and I'm now far more productive, so it has its merits).

Speaking of Spitfire, I definitely would't like to see them going this way though there is always a theoretical possibility for this in the future. But if it happens, I probably won't be heartbroken. I've already purchased abt. dozen of their libraries which I really wanted to have in my toolkit and which I could realistically afford. (There are still a few of them which I'm hoping to get in due time - if Rodney the Dinosaur knocks on my window with his synthetic tail). ;)

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I don't mind the subscription model if you get all the new products released included in the subscription.

I see some people don't like the Adobe subscription model but before they released everything on subscription a copy of Photoshop in Australia was $800, Illustrator was $600 and upgrades were a few hundred. Now for around $70 per month you get all new software, new releases and when you decide you no longer need it you can drop the subscription and walk away.

East West Studios release great new libraries from time to time and they come in a Composer Cloud subscription, so what's not to like about that? While it's cheaper to commit for a year, you don't have to if you'd pay a little more month to month. For me it's about convenience and access to a wide range of product for a negligible monthly subscription fee.

Others may differ in opinion but for some people's usage pattern I think subscription works out better.


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First Spitfire betrays me some time in the future, and now THIS? I just can't catch a break...
I would consider shortening your name you don't need all those vowels anyway.


Reads all the same.


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Hi, I'm just popping in here to say that we currently have no intentions to move to a subscription model. Sometimes things change, so I can't speak with 100% confidence about the distant future but for now, as I said, we have no intentions to do this.
Well here endeth this conversation then! 😂


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The only way I'd buy into ANY subscription-based scheme is if I can turn it on and off as needed on a month-by-month basis. Got a project that needs solo flute? Turn it on for a month or two, then turn it off again once the project is in the can.

Besides the obvious power, water, cellphones, and cable/internet, the only things I have on a subscription basis are Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iLok ZDT. That's enough to keep track of for me.

Those auto-billing, annual subscription models are just counting on you to forget about them as they click over every month/year, and auto-renew again and again as you sit drooling into your butterscotch pudding in the old-composer's home - and eventually the executor of your estate will have to send in notarized death certificates to get them to cancel or they'll send them to collections.

Ever try to shut down a dead relative's cell phone plan? Massive pain.


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Ever try to shut down a dead relative's cell phone plan? Massive pain.
Wow...that doesn't count as an exceptional case where you live, so that you can cancel any contracts at any time? That's outright depressing. As if in that case you don't have enough bullshit to deal with already.


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Wow...that doesn't count as an exceptional case where you live, so that you can cancel any contracts at any time? That's outright depressing. As if in that case you don't have enough bullshit to deal with already.
Well, sure - they "let" you do it, but you have to prove that the person really is dead and that you're authorized to make changes or cancel their account, etc. It used to be that you'd need to get ten notarized copies of the death certificate, but these days I'm thinking fifty is a good number!


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I would not be upset one bit. I've never bought a product from Spitfire yet because they're too expensive even on sale. I've never bought a library at full price, I can wait 2-4 years for a VI I want. Everything I'm licensed to use I bought on massive sale, VSL, Kontakt, EastWest, Toontrack, Virharmonic, Embertone, etc, etc.

If Spitfire offered subscription at EastWest price, I'd get on it yesterday! But they have to still let me buy it because I don't ever intend to stay on subscription.

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I've been buying sample libraries for quite some time now, and the conclusion I've come to is that options are a good thing. If SF decided to go the subscription route, i would certainly hope that you could still buy the full library, just like how EW does it. It's a best of both worlds approach.

I also hope that more developers will make demo versions of their libs, so that you get to try before you buy. Walkthroughs and audio demos just aren't enough for me. Unfortunately, i don't really see this happening mainstream. Not being able to re-sell sample libraries can turn into buyer's remorse, and customer satisfaction can be non existant in these types of situations. It creates a "deal with it" type of relationship with the customer. Not sure what the future holds for this kind of business model.
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