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Spitfire's Black Friday Sale?


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Hey everyone! New to this whole thing....does Spitfire tend to wait until Black Friday to start their big sale?



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Spitfire makes wonderful libraries, but if there's one thing they're good at, it's the marketing. Part of me wonders if they might forego the Black Friday sale this year in the spirit of unpredictability.

...but I hope not! (And I doubt it)

Marcio Lobato

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It says on the Sound Dust Vol. 2 page, under the Introductory Offer that "this product will not feature in Black Friday promotions". I guess they'll just postpone the sale a little bit.


I’m waiting too... :scout:

I was hoping today, but it seems a no go.

Have my account ready to go as soon as they are. :dancedance:


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Yes, love the Evos too. You also get an Evo with Tundra

I would say the Evos go well with Tundra especially the Olafur Arnalds Evolutions and Chamber

this will be my first and probably only Spitfire purchase.

i have traditional covered, so these may suit well.

Bill the Lesser

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Tundra comes in between specialist libs like the Evos and Time etc, and more mainline orchestral libs. Easily my most used lib.

The Evos are very special case, Tundra covers enough ground to write entire thematic scores, even by itself. It's focused in a somewhat rarefied atmosphere yet it can get loud if needed, although not at epic levels.


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over the Evos?
Just to chime in; because of the unique articulations in Tundra you can actually get a lot of unique techniques and evo like movement by layering different Tundra sounds. While Evos can be great as well, I like having the ability to build something evo like that doesn't sound exactly like everyone else's evo... if you know what I'm saying?

If you're on a budget, Tundra feels like a better investment because it's got a wider range of colors, and the Vral Evo grid in tundra has some great evos that you can mix in with the other tundra sounds.
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