Spitfire UACC & KS Lemur Template, SCS, SSS and Hans Zimmer Strings


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A little project I’ve been working on... a new UACC and Keyswitch Template for Lemur.

• Spitfire Chamber Strings (By Default set to UACC)
• Symphonic String work by default as UACC. (By Default set to UACC)
• Hans Zimmer Strings (By Default set to Keyswitch)

There is also a page dedicated to the Hans Zimmer Mic Positions, adapted from a design by Antonio Blanca.

Feel free to download and adapt.

If you use Osculator, the template has a script for receiving OSC info and changing as you track through Logic Pro.
The list Name List for the track names is located in the OSC Script, “OSCLogictrackname” > “receive"

The template is posted at Liine.com in the User Library Template forum:




If you have some time, would you mind giving some instructions on how to setup Osculator with Logic? Or a link to the infos.



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Making a tutorial is on my list but at the moment my list is pretty long...not sure when I'll get to that.