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SPITFIRE - The Black Weekend! With Live Q&A with Christian & Paul

Bill the Lesser

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Exactly HOW kind? And exactly how long do I have to reach Dialing for Dollars after each declaration of kindness? We'll soon see. Is it a coincidence that Spitfire and Suspense both begin with an "S"? I think not. Christian is doing it this way on purpose, who can doubt?

Making sure my smartphone knows my account password. Chamber Strings, Solo Strings, Bernard Hermann...forget Afflatus.


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Can anyone tell me what Spitfire Studio Strings are in £? I'm currently in Asia and my UK VPN seems to show the price in Euros (199) - however I swear £199 was the normal UK price?


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25% single products, 20% bundles
Not a big surprise ...
I just noticed that the Spitfire Solo Strings is $339, i.e. 15% not 25%. Studio Strings pro is 20%, so it's more like "up to 25% OFF individual products", despite their website. Still, a very nice and welcome discount :)

Bill the Lesser

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Cinesamples now 40% off. Been on the fence between Spitfire and Cinesamples solo strings, so I think I'll go for Cinesample solo strings for now, then pick up SF Chamber Strings and maybe also Solo Strings either on the first good sale or when I actually need them. I picked up some mainline SF things last May at about 40% off on a wishlist sale, and IIRC Spitfire also did a pretty generous Xmas wishlist sale last year (or am I imagining that?).

PS Has anybody cobbled together a decent ensemble multi with SF and Cinesamples Solo Strings?
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