Spitfire Symphonic Motions: Available Now


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I was kinda hoping their next release would be an 8-Bit-library. This would have been such a first-class move. But jokes and trolling aside I'm curious about what this will be.


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On a serious note, a new modelled violin would be pretty cool. In terms of really good usable ones there only seems to be SM and AM , so it would be interesting to see if Spitifre can do even better than those two.
100% agree!


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"We've sampled '8-bit' violin sounds from all over the world and wanted to give you the sound that will take you to the competition winning sound of the coming decade.
$899 but as an introductory price you can have it for $888..."

on a serious note though, I hope it's nothing really good. I genuinely can't afford to buy more stuff... for a while. 🙈