Spitfire Studio Strings Vs Hollywood Strings

M.M. Music

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The professional version of Studio Strings seems to cover the "gap" between Hollywood Strings and LASS, it has many articulations (even more than hollywood strings) and the flexibility of the divisi from LASS; LASS doesn't have all those articulations and hollywood strings doesn't have divisi in 3 section, only 2. Anybody that has both of these libraries can do a comparison with the sound or express an opinion ? Thanks :)


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My interest in the Spitfire offering evaporated when I saw how many articulations actually don't carry over to the divisi. Spitfire almost had me!

Callum Hoskin

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I own both, they make an excellent pairing as they are both quite different. They sound especially good when u layer them.


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EWH all day.

For Spitfire, I just stick with BHCT (and sometimes Albion One for shorts), I really really like those strings.