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I found myself reading this thread with serious interest before realizing that there was no ridiculous time-wasting hype, and that had there been, I may have been far less interested. I love this way more. I'll give the examples a serious listen when I get a moment because there's a lot of good brass coming out lately and this is intriguing at a great price.

Zhao Shen

It’s such a paradox when people don’t care about what sounds real, still they complain if it doesn’t sound real. “I don’t care if real horn players don’t play legato in fortissimo, I want my samples to do so. But they should sound real.”

It really isn't. No one's saying that having the technical knowledge to identify what sounds real is irrelevant. I'm saying that bickering about whether or not horns can slur their notes above some specific dynamic threshold is pointless when the library is just clearly bad at legato.


It's not like Spitfire to not hype the hell out something. I'm sure they were working on this as you can't throw a library like this together overnight but I'd say they were probably 75% along and aiming for a Q1 2019 release and then Cinematic dropped the bomb. Well, let's put it this way, I guarantee the Spitfire guys have been living on Chinese takeout since Cinematic's announcement. They probably haven't seen their homes in at least 2 weeks.

I'm going to withhold judgement because it's clear that the library isn't anywhere near release. You can tell this was a panicked rush job to try to grab some people before CSB gets a good chunk of it. I'll wait for them to fix everything and see how the final sound is when they actually have a finished product.


Honestly interested to know on what basis, from the walkthroughs, this is deemed to be such a rushed job? Not saying anyone is wrong but curious to learn.

I think folk here are right that they probably bumped their timelines up. But I suspect its hard to keep launches a secret and developers have a fairly good idea when the competitions is going to launch. Its the same in every other industry, so maybe it wasn't quite as much of a rush...

Either way, it seems like a lot of library for the money £250 for this much content is amazing! Personally it seems like a very functional, useable library. Understand that some may have it covered elsewhere.
There’s a lot of talk here about how poor the horn legato is based on a short excerpt on the walkthrough. Until we know for sure, wouldn’t it be better to refrain from making harsh judgements about the entire library’s legato. I’m pretty certain you’d be able to make the horns sound better than in this brief example. The rest of the library sounds incredible with lots of flexibility and control at a ridiculous price. The dynamic range seems superb which is something missing in most of my Brass libraries. Very inspired by what I’ve seen here..
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I know in the videos they speak of "dry" samples. The smallish room this is recorded in indeed has a short reverb time, but there is a high ratio of early reflections to direct signal here in the room mic's, and some may not like how that builds-up. I would think of this an ambient-smallish library.

Though this wouldn't have been my first choice sound wise, I did hear some mic's (the Tree 2?) that I would find usable. I'll be interested to hear the 2 mixed mic positions available in "Pro".

I'm really attracted to the instruments provided. Finally a complete library. The choice of 2 horn solos is perfect, no need for 4 imo. And the Euphonium & Trombone contrebasse & Cimbasso & Contrebasse tuba! Kudos to SF for being so thorough!!
Just to add - the Horns a4 do sound very 'disconnected' and not very legato in the pro walkthrough but it's a shame that the sole focus is on this whilst ignoring the seemingly fabulous library as a whole. Hopefully Spitfire can allay some fears on the Horns legato situation - perhaps as for some, this would be a key component of a brass sample library.


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But some other patches are editable...


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But some other patches are editable...
I think the only reason that patch is locked is because it has legato in it.

As far as I know, the only patches which are locked for the Spitfire libraries I have are legatos (multis with legatos included in them/Performance Legatos, etc.)


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It’s comments like his that make developers stay away from this forum.

Prepare for a stern rapping on the knuckles regarding Spitfire fanboyism and oversensitive developers who can't handle the always salient and useful critiques of VI-Control.


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I wish I liked the sound of this room more. It added a quirky, old-school feel to BHCT, but on Studio Strings and here again it just sounds like a basketball court. It's not dry and it's not a sound I'll usually want, so it's just in the way. Shrug.
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