Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)

Discussion in 'DEALS, DEALS, DEALS!' started by tadam, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. StillLife

    StillLife Senior Member

    Mar 18, 2017
    Meanwhile, my own wishlist now reads:

    EDNA Earth + Kinematik
    The Grange
    Spitfire Studio Orchestra, though, with all the orchestral stuff I already have from Spitfire (mainly strings (SCS and Solo, but also WW and Brass in Albion V and BHCT) and NI (Kontakt factory library, Symphony series light) this will be a very luxury purchase. It's alluring because of its dry, everything in its right place attitude, though...
    Martyn Ware
    DC Noisemaker
    Alternative Solo Strings (already have the Artisan Violin and Cello, so should be 'cheap')
    Ambient Guitars (not wishlist, but upgrade from having Enigma 1).

    Any advices as to NOT to buy any of the above? ;)
  2. Cat

    Cat Member

    Jul 26, 2011
    I am on the fence with the Studio series.

    How many dynamic layers does the Spitfire Studio Woodwinds (longs and legatos) have? How about the Brass? I couldn’t fund this info anywhere so I am asking owners of these libs...

    The symphonic Series, for example, otherwise a good sounding library package, has too few layers to be used in certain situations. But I wonder if Studio series library is just as limited.
  3. miket

    miket Team Dany

    May 17, 2016
    New York
    I don't know for certain, but I think most shorts have 4 dynamics, and the longs vary between 4 for the most basic down to 1 for something like Super Sul Tasto, which can really only have one "dynamic layer" anyway.
  4. Denkii

    Denkii Member

    Mar 15, 2019
    I remember putting SStWW core on my list, trying to stay strong.
    Now there's so much on it I can't even copy and paste it without running out of RAM.

    Will I finally jump onto the EVO train?
    Thinking about OACE and either LCOT or SSE (leaning towards OACE and LCOT).

    LCO strings is also temptinng.

    Or will I go the Albion route with the bundle since I don't have any of those yet?
    If not the bundle then there's still Tundra on my list as solo purchase.

    Also if the studio orchestra bundle will get well discounted I might just jump on that...but I don't think I'd need it since I have CSS, CSSS and CSB for this.

    Right now I'm leaning towards SStWW (need that) + OACE and LCOT.
    Prove me wrong?
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  5. michelsimons

    michelsimons Active Member

    Jan 24, 2018
    The only sure thing is Kinematic and it's not entirely impossible that it will be the only thing I am going to buy in spite of all the stuff that's on my wish list.
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  6. dzilizzi

    dzilizzi I know nothing

    Feb 27, 2017
    Somewhere near Los Angeles
    I really shouldn't be reading this thread. I have enough orchestral libraries to last until black friday at least. But I did put a few things on my list. Only 6 or 7. Sigh. And it sounds like I won't have to worry about emails as they are going to give the codes right on the wishlist.
  7. Parsifal666

    Parsifal666 I don't even own a DAW, I'm just a troll.

    Sep 7, 2015
    E. YeeHaw, Indiana
    Kinematic is excellent! Matt's finest hour imo.
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  8. Parsifal666

    Parsifal666 I don't even own a DAW, I'm just a troll.

    Sep 7, 2015
    E. YeeHaw, Indiana
    Just waiting out the weekend for Studio Woodwinds Professional...all the while writing for woodwind choir like crazy in anticipation.

    This for me is what's truly fun and inspiring about buying new libraries.
  9. James H

    James H 01001000 01101001

    Dec 20, 2018
    Can't decide... so I think this might cover my needs? Dream big!

  10. dzilizzi

    dzilizzi I know nothing

    Feb 27, 2017
    Somewhere near Los Angeles
    Checked my price for Albions 3 and 4. Under $192 each with all the discounts. But I have to buy both.

    On the other hand, the Aluphone will be about $30
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  11. Denkii

    Denkii Member

    Mar 15, 2019
    Just got a new 1TB SSD.
    I'm ready. Come at me Spitfire.
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  12. musiccorner

    musiccorner Member

    Jun 14, 2018
    As the time approaches, my consciousness gets louder:

    "Clean your wishlist. You don't really need this!"

    And i answer:

    "Shut up! You don't really compose music."

    Who will win at the end? Have no clue.
  13. Denkii

    Denkii Member

    Mar 15, 2019
    Maybe it's a dumb question but it doesn't matter if I keep stuff on my wishlist that I don't necessarily plan on buying, right?
    It won't impact the discounts I get?

    Or should I try to keep everything on the list as close to what I really want to get as possible?
  14. poetd

    poetd Active Member

    Sep 9, 2018
    During the Xmas wishlist sale, it was applied to everything in your list regardless of what you had in there.
  15. Denkii

    Denkii Member

    Mar 15, 2019
    Thanks for the info!
    Right now I'm looking at SStWW, OACE, LCOT and Tundra. Super excited for next week to play with the new toys :dancer:
  16. TigerTheFrog

    TigerTheFrog I'm supposed to be working now.

    Nov 18, 2016
    Brooklyn, NY
  17. TigerTheFrog

    TigerTheFrog I'm supposed to be working now.

    Nov 18, 2016
    Brooklyn, NY
    It doesn't matter. I stock my wish list every time, and I only own two Spitfire products. I like to have options so I can consider all the way until the end whether I will buy anything.
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  18. Shad0wLandsUK

    Shad0wLandsUK Senior Member

    Feb 20, 2016
    London, UK
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  19. angeruroth

    angeruroth Member

    Dec 11, 2014
    Would you recommend SStO core or Albion One as a bread-and-butter orchestra (about same price in 2 days)?

    SStO looks good because I'm not much into epic-hybrid stuff and individual sections means more control, but time is broken around me and I'm a bit tired of choosing between writing and mastering, so the A1 no-eq/compression/fx-required approach could be a big improvement to my workflow.
  20. ism

    ism Senior Member

    Dec 14, 2016
    There's lots to love in Albion One. But note that, for instance almost all of the strings are in octaves. Which is great for that big trailer sound. But with SStS can give you, for instance, a very beautiful and expressive, delicate kind of sound in just the Vl 2 alone. You might be to layer lots of things in octaves to sort of approximate the Albion One's string with SStS - sort of. But you'll never be able to go the other way and get a more intimate sound with Albion One.

    This is just one tiny example in one choir.

    So ultimately - and I realize a lot of people don't want to hear this cliche - it just really, really fundamentally comes doesn't to what kind of music you most want to write.
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