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Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)


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I was only looking for solo instruments and ended up with Studio Brass & Winds Pro. Passed on the Solo Strings that initially caught my attention. I will likely go with Chris Hein whenever it goes on sale.

Thanks, got me thinking again... no nks for zebra, though, as far as I can tell...?
What has kept me away so far. I rely heavily on my Komplete Kontrol.

No, no nks.
But Z3 isn't too far away, and is free for owners of Z2 and DZ iirc.
Is it supposed to be NKS compatible?


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I'm recording all the articulations with mics positions for an "In Depth" walkthrough video. What would be the better: a video per microphone with all the common articulation, or a video per articulation with all the microphones sound? (plus the comparaison with SSS.)

All patches (one mic and one articulation) is around 5 mins of videos.


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My vote goes to the latter so we could compare the sound of different microphones directly with each other rather than having to jump in the video for trying to do that. If you would play through the whole thing with one mic and then do the same with another one, I fear the reference to the first mic sound gets lost pretty fast.


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I can do that. All Patches in a row per mic and all mic comparaison per patche.
Something like that:
The video is processing, so it's 360p for now.

The melody is pretty exhausting to ear after few minutes but it's the only way to properly do the comparaison.


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totally forgot to check out, has anyone that purchased SSWW tried them out with CSS..? =]
Only SStWW for exactly that. Though I didn't have a chance to use them together yet. Been working on a lot of creepy stuff lately. No woodwinds needed there ;)
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