Spitfire Spring Wish List Announced ;)


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I already have Albion 3 and love it, I'll get Albion One because it will never get cheaper than 50% off. I can afford to get one more so, I'll probably get Albion 5 because I've had my eye on it for months. I would also love to get Albion 4 too for $177 more but, I just can't justify spending more than $500 right now.

Oh well, there's no use in being greedy so, I'll just get what I can afford & wait until the holidays to complete my collection.


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Soooo, after much thought, I'm downloading A1: No eq+comp required (that means more time to create new things, instead of going through the mixing/mastering rabbit hole), and cheaper than SStO. And, as a bonus, that sound is everywhere and people know it and are used to it.
So, basically I've accepted some limitations to be able to release something good (I hope) using the broken time that surrounds me.
Anyway, time to sleep.
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Newbie coming from IK Philharmonik 1 - I'll probably get Albion One since it's a nice deal, and Studio Orchestra Core as an upgrade from Philharmonik. Tempted by Albion 3, but as a "cost-saving measure" I'm telling myself stick with 1, for now.

Typing out my thoughts sort of justifies the purchase in my head, in a nefarious sort of way!

Also, any love for BT Phobos? I'm a big fan of BT's music and was really excited by the trailer, but I'm not sure how nice it is to use in practice. I also have a burgeoning interest in sound design so I'd rather not have something that does all the work for me at this point.


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The Titanium Euphone is also not on sale.

I put the core WWs on my list and the SStO. Are the brass any good? It really wasn't on my radar but I stuck it on the list anyway. I guess I'm going to be listening to walkthroughs for a few days.

Decisions, decisions....


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Juuust about through downloading SStWW, had it going all night.

The SA manager is easy enough on my system so I can work on my large woodwind choir as I wait (in the original plan for the composition I wanted to write a simple wind quintet, but I just kept finding the need for more winds...plus, Bernard's vibraphone kept popping up ;).