Spitfire - Plucked Piano v1.1 - missing wallpaper GUI on Pluckospheres?


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Just wanted to see if it's my install that has a problem....

Getting round to delving into last week's purchases more fully and have just realised that I have a blank (white) GUI on the 'PluckoSpheres' nki's in Spitfire's 'Plucked Piano'. I can still use the VI, it just makes reading the settings pretty hard! It's not that the GUI is messed up - it's more that the dark backround 'wallpaper' is missing. The regular plucked piano nki provides the correct darker background GUI

Can't see any wallpaper files in the install folders. It was all downloaded and installed automatically via the Spitfire downloader - v1.1 a couple of days ago.

I closed Kontakt & DAW, deleted the .nkc from the install (in case it was a cache problem) but that has not changed anything. Thought I'd check here first before raising a support ticket.

Anyone else?