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Spitfire Legato Performance Palette Manual?

Jeremy Gillam

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I'm trying to figure out my way around the legacy legato patches (Legato Performance Palette) in the Spitfire Symphonic Strings and Chamber Strings libraries in order to hopefully gain a little more control over my sound compared to what the newer Performance Legato patches offer. I'm having a hard time finding documentation for these, can anyone point me in the the right direction?

So far I've determined that velocity controls the type of transition — fingered, bowed, or portamento. But I can't figure out how to trigger runs. And it would be helpful to have a concise explanation of what the sliders on the right do in different contexts. Thanks so much.

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I would like to know this as well. I think (I don't know for a fact) that the runs articulation is triggered based on note length, i.e. if a midi note is short enough until overlapped by the next one.
The answer to your questions is available on the Spitfire website:
Chamber Strings user manual web or pdf download, page 12 bottom half.
For Symphonic Strings its the bottom half of page 17 in SSS manual.

I would copy and paste but I think that would be a copyright infringement.


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Hey guys,

The Legato Performance patches are essentially the legacy legatos. The differences here are that you can change the velocities/speeds that different transitions trigger by Ctrl/Cmd + clicking the articulations. You can also use this to see the currently set values (so if you wanted to know how runs are triggering, Cmd/Ctrl click that articulation).

We generally recommend using the Performance Legato patches if available as these are far more recent. Here's some information on the Performance Legato values:


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I still can't get the runs working with Performance Legato even nearly as well as when just using a dedicated "runs" articulation. :( And if I want to go full kungfupanda-super-portamento, the Legato Performance takes it way more over the top than the newer patch. I just can't get the Performance Legato to work reliably, no matter how much I overlap and fiddle with velocities.
Jeremy Gillam

Jeremy Gillam

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Thanks all. I agree with Henu that the Performance Legato patches leave much to be desired. I don't care how the patch feels to play, but I absolutely want max control over as many elements of the sound as possible.
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