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Spitfire labs Henson's frozen strings and beyond


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Last week I tried Spitfire Henson's frozen strings and I really liked the sound of it. I am looking for a strings library and I decided that I'll go for either the 'Evo Grid 1' or 'Olafur's Evolutions'. Has anybody here tried both and can tell me which would be more in the style of Henson's? I will use them for long background filling, nothing very creative so I am just looking for a beautiful sustained sound. Interesting, while Olafur's seemed indicated for that, the Spifire walkthrough got me to think that most Evos sounded a bit intrusive in the sense that they would be a bit distractive from the main piano line that I will have on top, a feeling I did not get with Henson's. I considered other libraries and I actually liked the flautando sound of 'Chamber strings' and the half section options in Loegria very much, but they ended up having so many options I would (probably) never use that I didn't focus very much on them. Any help/opinions would be most welcome.
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Evo Gris is a string section while Olafur Evolutions is a string quartett. Both is more or less the same concept (movement over time, crossfaded to variations from clean to chaotic) with slighly different results. Olafur has single instruments too (you can open a single violin). The results are more or less unpredictable, so it's always a little try&error thing.
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