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I'm a proud user of quite a few Spitfire Audio libraries and I also have the majority of Spitfire Labs instruments in a Kontakt form. However, I must say I've kind of lost interest in Labs since Spitfire introduced this new engine. I know it was the only way they've could really give away their Labs products for free, but since I've built quite a collection of Kontakt and Komplete libraries I use on a regular basis, I don't very much like an idea of having to install third party sample player in order to run just a few sounds here and there. It seems to me that those instruments that were available in the old Labs format are identical in the terms of sound and functionality. Some new outings, especially Modular Piano, Synth Pads and Choir sounds very intriguing though. I must check them out.

But of course, regardless of my thoughts and experience, I would without hesitation recommend Spitfire Labs to anyone. These instruments really contain an essence of things one would associate with Spitfire Audio.


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Scary Strings :

"These haunting string evolutions were the inspiration behind Spitfire’s Evolutions libraries, born out of the need for subtly shifting textures. Performed by a small ensemble of string players, we give you three distinctive presets: Cool, which creates icy overtones; Sustain, for longer notes; and Stretched, for a disturbing, drawn-out effect that will make your hairs stand on end."
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I hesitate to add to the pile yet another expression of gratitude, lest I contribute to an increase in Christian's head-size. But this whole LABS thing is truly over-the-top generous and... well... just THAT.


I wonder if this version of LABS Dulcimer differs from the old Kontakt LABS Dulcimer which I already have, in terms of samples or patches? (Obviously the engine is different.)


I would like to also thank Spitfire Audio for their generosity.

EDIT - Please disregard the text below. It was corrected after I installed the latest update to the Spitfire Audio App.

I have a quick question though. On my end, the installation folder structure seems to be different than the previous LABS titles. Is this going to be the new standard?


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On my end, the installation folder structure seems to be different than the previous LABS titles. Is this going to be the new standard?
This was actually an error with Dulcimer that we fixed at about the same time as the new version of the app went live, so they're unrelated. Not to worry if anyone experiences this difference in folder structure, it doesn't affect operation, it will just look a bit odd and... messy if you happen to look in the Spitfire Audio - LABS folder.


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To add to the above, if you have this problem and want to "fix" it it's not just a case of moving the folder, I would advise deleting and redownloading.

Any problems contact support at spitfireaudio.com/support



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Hi is it worth downloading spitfire freebies or will they just take up space not get used? I need to be tight with samples as I want to be more organised and only keep what I use. Thanks

Wally Garten

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You have to decide. Imo they are really solid for freebies.
I don't download all of them, but if it's an instrument I'm interested in, I'm usually pretty pleased with them. If you find yourself never using them, you can always delete them. (I, myself, have never found a use for a charango, though I think that says more about me than the instrument.)


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The sf support told me that there's an issue with the LABS Music Box and Windows 10, in my case no LABS intrument is working anymore. They told me they'd mail me when the bug is fixed.

So be careful if you're on Win 10.

I love all the LABS stuff, pure gold in my opinion.
Let us know when they have mailed you. I am having the same issue. (Read your post too late.)
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