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Spitfire kepler. . .


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Me too. It's definitely more interesting than I thought based on the demo patches. I am going to watch Paul's very exciting walk-through tomorrow evening, but based on what I saw and heard during the live stream this should by my cup of red wine.
The teasers suggested to me that the library was predisposed towards making waves of sound as opposed to the demo patches which pointed in a different direction. I'm still evaluating the walkthrough, but so far it does seem like something I would use quite a lot.


Tempted to buy it too, going to wait for this thread to develop though with more informed opinions of people playing with it over the weekend, intro price is until first week of June so plenty time to decide


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Just took a quick peek. My kind of instrument!

I'll finish watching the walk through and any other vids they post to see how similar this is to Forzo & Novo and decide from there.


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I find it interesting that Kepler is a Kontakt library ... I really had expected this one would be running in the Spitfire engine.
guessing they didn't want to re-invent the wheel with the timing/sound controls which may not be implemented in their engine? With Kontakt, they can already use time machine and whatever other utilities are already there to manipulate the sound, I'm guessing. But I don't know. They were sure to emphasize on their libraries which only used their plugin, that this did not mean that they were abandoning Kontakt.


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This is a very interesting, and useful library to have, but I'm in no rush to buy it at this time.

On the other hand, I was expecting SA to announce Albion TWO, but that hasn't happened so far. Any guesses if it will be released soon ?


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This creativity continues to separate SFA among other top-tier providers.
Really not CH /PT fanboy, yet this impresses ! :thumbsup:


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It's funny how the synth and warp sounds for Spitfire libraries often seem to be included as almost bonus content when they could probably do well on their own as stand alone libraries.
I'm glad they're starting to do more stuff to lock in with their Air 1 selections.
Me too, I like using BHCT as a base and being able to build out from there. Dracarus.
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