Spitfire Audio Updates


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Thanks for the head-up, downloading the Albion ONE update.
Here is the changelog:

Albion ONE
v1.6 (June 2019)
ADDED: All previews updated
FIXED: NKS folder structure updated and improved
FIXED: Tuning and NKS controls of CHX presets
FIXED: Some CS patches are not CS
FIXED: Darwin Percussion clicks
FIXED: Strings Legato CS broken
FIXED: Legato Individuals - Faders Corrected
FIXED: Stereo width appearing in legato
FIXED: Strings - Shared KS Issue
FIXED: Brass Legato - Unscripted Keychanges
FIXED: Low Strings - Tuning issue
UPDATED: Woodwind legatos attack tweaked


They updated the orchestral grand piano too but the only change I can see is that they removed the ostinato from it :( I used that a fair bit too...


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We should have a thread for each major company where the first post links to their latest versions and its patch notes!

That way you called always check if you are updated or not. I rarely check the apps unless I am installing something for the first time.

Great idea! We will do this, starting Ta-day!


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I fire up the Spitfire Audio App every so often, visit my accounts at UVI, EWQL etc. UVI has many updates, so that is generally my "big one". I tend to do it after my monthly backups.

I'm actually more interested in getting all developers to release updates than being notified of every single one (even though that would be nice).

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Receiving an email from the company would also be a nice touch...rather than finding out on a forum :)
Well on a forum we can discuss the latest changes, and its a nice point of reference to come to to catch up on all companies (which tend not to send patch notes in update emails) Its also a way to keep the latest updates organised and visible, saving me from having to scour the web and deep dive their sites in order to see whats new.

Reminds me of 'Official Topics' on gaming forums which are almost like wiki entries, but with the added bonus of members being able to discuss the content. Infact wiki entries are a good example of what I mean too. (example of a gaming official topic https://www.resetera.com/threads/xb...phil-in-the-age-of-booty-a-case-study.116768/ )

But sure I could just check the sites myself.



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As far as Spitfire goes, you just have to check their app from time to time and it will tell you if there are any updates for your libraries.