Spitfire Audio London Contemporary Orchestra Textures – Available now



Here is Spiftire Audio's second collaboration with the London Contemporary Orchestra.

"A one-of-a-kind collection of organic expansive sounds, recorded in an awe-inspiring aircraft hangar"

Having bought the previous LCO library during the wishlist sale, I'm looking forward to see what this one will offer and how it will complement it... What do you think of it ?

Update : Available now :

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Wally Garten

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Information posted on facebook :
"Enter The Hangar – New Collaboration Coming January"
Ugh, I'm listening to this on my tiny phone speakers and can't hear clearly, but... Maybe bowed percussion? In the picture I got in an email just now, I see what look like they could be vibraphones?



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Another string library. Here we go Spitfire! I don't need anymore that's for sure but I'll probably give you all my money again this year after the walkthough.


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LCO Strings is great. If this actually is another LCO installment, that would be cool.

I really just want Studio Woodwinds though....

Alex Fraser

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Well, the headline is *new* collaboration. So I'd assume someone who hasn't collabed with Spitfire before. That would discount LCO?

Edit: Of course, the logo. Self lesson for the future: Watch the entire video.