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Spitfire Audio FireSale until 23rd August 2018


Hi everyone,

I've just noticed that Spitfire Audio are having a firesale on their Extension libraries for their Symphonic series (ie. Strings, Brass, Woodwinds), reduced to around £99 each. You will need to have the basic library for each of these, but if you are wanting the extra mics and mixes for any of these, then now is the time to buy, as these are normally around £300 to £400 each.
Here's the link: https://www.spitfireaudio.com//expansion-pack-firesale/


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Were these extra extensions/mics available before this extnsion sale, or are these extensions just released ?


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Can one buy an extension without (yet) owning the main library? Black Friday is on its way.
Afaik the cart of the online shop prevents one to buy the expansion without owning the main library...
But haven‘t tried it myself, so still might work?!:)


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No, you can't just buy the expansions... must own main libraries. These are new mic positions and mixes... $99/ea is a $200 discount per library... Like HZP and chamber strings pro, these double to triple the sample size of SO/individual parts (strings/brass/winds) Hell of a deal.

This is a redundant thread... see tier 1 deals, spitfire thread.


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The expansions at this price are making me very tempted to buy the whole lot
Been eyeing up Spitfire Woodwinds for a while now

Though I have EastWest Hollywood Woodwinds Diamond and NI Symphony Series Collection
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