SPITFIRE - Announcing Spitfire Studio Strings! 24 Hours LEFT on Promo Price!


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Tricky one for me:

Core version has a great price for the content.

I have Herrmann, same space similar arts, less sectional control.
Short articulation choice limited, no Staccato, Staccatissimo.

Very good overall, the Divisi is less of an attraction for me as the articulation choice is a bit limited.

Would have been nice to have a side by side comparison of Core vs Pro sound.


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Wow, well... if the brass and woodwinds follow this same model, this looks like it will shape up to be pretty much the exact orchestral VI line I've been waiting for someone to make. All the better that it's from Spitfire. Time to start saving.


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Interesting. I'd have loved to see a bit less articulations and more dynamic layers on the legato side. I also wonder if Kontakt will remain the sampler of choice after HZ Strings.


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I honestly thought it was going to be more expensive, so I'm surprised at the $399 Pro pricing. (Its a decent amount of money of course generally speaking, but, for what you're getting, its generously priced IMHO)
Also surprised they also teased the woodwinds and brass.

If starting with Basic version 'today', will it be possible (before Sept 13) to Upgrade to Professional for the simple price difference ??
(cost is ~ 2X as new SSD needed for the ~250GB) :crying:
Library these days are getting bigger and bigger...
I bought the extra mics for the symphonic range during their sale, but haven't fully installed them yet since I still need to get another SSD... Probably a 1TB one.

BTW, regarding your question, they have a FAQ page which says the upgrade price is simply the price difference.

Edited: oh, but one thing. The price difference would obviously be different during their introductory pricing and their regular pricing. So you'll might want to ask how thats handled.


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I imagine that once their player has enough features to handle their libraries, they'll probably port all of their stuff over.


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So fellas, who this downloading now? I look forward to yours first Impressions...


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Why no Staccato. I only see Spiccato.

Staccato is a basic, and very important articulation to have. I wonder why it was not included.
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For some reason all of Spitfire’s web site has changed to GBP and is charging me VAT. Anyone know how to change it back to US currency?

Daniel F.

This sounds really good. I think the Woodwinds in Studio One will be really dope.
The only thing I'm afraid of is that they won't do the brass good and that it will be weak. Please @Spitfire Team a good and rattling FFF layer or at minimum FF. Smaller brass sections playing heavy sounds really good.


Also, if anyone can, layer it with SCC. Does it blend? I was thinking about creating a hybrid between this, SCS and SsS.


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Hi Spitfire, sorry if this is answered in one of the videos, but: are the divisi sections front vs. back, or splitting the stands?