SPITFIRE - Announcing Spitfire Studio Strings! 24 Hours LEFT on Promo Price!

Nao Gam

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I propose S$S lol

Edit: In all seriousness, Spitfire put a lot of articulations in this one for a decent price
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If starting with Basic version 'today', will it be possible (before Sept 13) to Upgrade to Professional for the simple price difference ??
(cost is ~ 2X as new SSD needed for the ~250GB) :crying:


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I am listening to this with a construction crew tearing up sidewalk not too many feet away. This.. is hard on me, the beautiful strings, then the jackhammers..


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This sounds fantastic and what a nice price!.
I see you guys have brass and winds planned (excited to hear what you come up with there as well), please, please consider doing a dry percussion library!

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Impressive price for what's in there. Sounds fab. I would love to see Spitfire pushing the envelope in terms of playability too - like Musical Sampling and Performance Samples have done. All the samples are recorded already, it's just a case of some tech wizards assembling some super turbocharged versions of the performance legato patches.
Something like this would be an ENORMOUS timesaver - especially when deadlines can be horrendous.