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I've been experimenting pretty much a whole day with the Speed knob in time machine mode. The catch is, the knob is not linear (who would've guessed, ha!). From other observations, I figured the first part looks like a cubic function, the second like a log function.

My idea was to fit the points, make a function, and invert it. The following is a generated cubic function:
6274.85*x - 97.1396*x^2 + 0.774875*x^3
which, unfortunately, just yields very rough and imprecise numbers.
The idea is to then invert the function, make a table, and then share it with everyone here so no one has to waste hours on generating this table.

So, the question is, does anyone know of a better function to fit the values for the speed knob or has a table to share with others?

Edit: Yes, I can type the numbers into the knob itself and get_engine_par, but I wanted to get a greater precision.

I'd really appreciate any help.
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Patrik Herman

Patrik Herman

Ah, nevermind! The values update despite the small precision, so I'll make an automated script and will share the table tomorrow.


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There's been some threads aready on the Speed knob on this forum, please do a search :) There's a conversion function in Koala...
Patrik Herman

Patrik Herman

Now I feel really bad because I was searching in NI forum instead of here. I really appreciate your help. Here's a promised table for 0%-100% for everyone (with precision to two decimal points). I'll use it instead of the one I generated manually :)

Have a nice day, everyone!