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Spaghetti Con Brio (Live Orchestra)


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Thanks for that guys! As we speek I'm working on new symphonic compositions, but it's still a bit to go! Just the ideas don't take me long, but it's the extensive fine tuning that needs LOTS of time and patience till you got it right ;)
Can you teach on line with courses please?
Wow, thanks for that Musicam!!

How you mean courses; like masterclasses, or skype lessons, or youtube videos?

I also thought about producing such tutorial videos like "from piano - to mockup - to live orchestra" for my old productions or the upcomming ones.

PS: if you should got any plans to do recordings as well and just need general orchestration/composition advise, I gladly help out for a fee. You'll also learn a bunch and it will normally propell your score's clarity and orchestration to another level. I do estimations and basic oversights for free without any risk. Just send me your PDF scores! :)
Yes, I've decided to put these in for free (at least for now), just as I've learned a lot through all the years of reading in this amazing community portal and want to give something back :) (was a long time lurker before). I also encourage you to write me if you got questions or suggestions regarding these.

The amount of pdf score downloads (+2000!!) in just a few months really is insane!
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