Soundtrack_Cologne 2019 - anyone ?

Loïc D

Loïc D

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I definitely can’t look as cool as you guys.
No regrets. ;)


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Huh, This sounds fantastic! Idk why I hadnt looked into this before. I think I may look into going 2020, Ill be on break at that time and also have really wanted to visit Germany


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I wrote this to another topic as well, but I was there on Friday, and if I had noticed this topic earlier it would had been nice to meet you peeps there- especially as I wasn't really occupied at all, hah!

Being a game musician myself, I was really interested on the stuff on the 29th, not to mention that OT session, Chris Hein and whatnot. Hell, it seemed I'd need two myselves to actually see everything I wanted! So my boss bought me a ticket and our HR got me the hotel and flights and was really excited to go there. I usually don't travel alone so I was quite nervous as the trip was rather complicated, but finally made it from Finland to Cologne in the evening, cracked a cold beer open, played some computer games in the hotel and prepared mentally for the next awesome day. I was so excited I was barely able to sleep!

The next morning I got there right on time, but then I was told my ticket was for yesterday. I was wondering why my boss had booked a wrong date, but the people were really nice in the entrance and changed my ticket. I ran to the second floor to catch Wilbert Roget's presentation just in time....but for my surprise there was something completely else going on. Asking the personnel if it's moved somewhere else they looked me weirdly and said I'm looking at "yesterday's program".

It quickly turned out that the "Friday" I told our HR was actually supposed to be Thursday. My boss had bought me the correct tickect, but I personally had told a wrong date for the hotel and flights for our HR. So when I arrived there on Friday morning I had missed everything I wanted to see by a day. At that point I was ready to start screaming aloud and start drinking heavily. I ended up watching two presentations (Ubisoft and production music) and snippets of some others but as the topic of the day wasn't really that interesting to me, it was really hard to get anything out of the presentations even though some of them were close enough to be of my interests. And naturally, of course this happened when I was for once travelling alone.

Next year I'm taking a colleague with me and he will book fucking everything.