SoundsDivine's Kompletely Omnispheric - Omnisphere 2 Available Now


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This is a big collection of sounds , mostly related to the light and dark sides of sound. Its also available as 4 smaller parts but its been designed as one cohesive journey into sound.

‘Kompletely Omnispheric’ features 600 presets for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 .

Kompletely Omnispheric combines samples from a diverse array of sound sources , including psychoacoustic fx , circuit bent synths , choirs , custom built instruments , wavetable synths and hybrid textures to create deeply immersive soundscapes , hypnotic special effects , powerful rhythmic sequences and unique granular instruments.

Price €99 (+vat)

'Binary Worlds 1'

'Binary Worlds 2'

'Special Effects'
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