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Soundiron Weekly 25% Off Flash Sale | Questionably Barbershop

Soundiron Team

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For this week only you can save 25% on Questionably Barbershop! A simple 4-piece male vocal ensemble, crafted in the style of an old timey Barbershop Quartet. This library offers basic chromatic sustains and staccato articulations, improvised scat and bebop phrases. From a deep booming bass to a soaring high tenor falsetto, Questionably Barbershop gives you easy 4-part harmony in a box.​

You can order Questionably Barbershop now for only $14 (Reg. $19) for a limited time only


Wally Garten

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This is a very fun library. I got it a couple of years ago and had a grand old time fooling around with it. Not sure I ever used it on a finished track, but I may have to revisit that....
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