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Learn More: https://soundiron.com/collections/on-sale/products/aztec-death-whistle

For this week only you can save 25% off Aztec Death Whistle, a deeply sampled folk wind instrument sample library that captures the dark soul of the ancient Aztec death whistle.

Made of kiln-fired clay, It has two chambers which create air cavities that are resonated by blowing into the top of the skull. It produces a harsh, raspy atonal vocal sound very much like a dying breath, but with a shrill demonic essence that is certain to evoke dread on an almost instinctive level. It is the sound of death incarnate.

You can order Aztec Death Whistle now for only
$14 (Reg. $19) for a limited time only

Check out Aztec Death Whistle in action on this episode of
Soundiron Session using it in an epic tribal style cue

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