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Soundiron Releases Laundronium 2.0 Experimental SFX & Percussion with Intro Offer


Learn More: https://soundiron.com/products/laundronium

Craft unorthodox cinematic soundscapes, percussive rhythms, and ambient textures, all creatively sourced from a washing machine. Built with composers and sound designers in mind, LAUNDRONIUM 2.0 is perfect for when you need that "outside the box" timbre for horror soundtracks, gritty industrial SFX and many other styles.

You can purchase Laundronium on sale now for only $19 (MSRP $29) Hurry, sale ends July 30th!



I know nothing
This makes me laugh. It's not going to move halfway across the room and dump everything from on top of it when I use it, I hope. That's what usually happens when I make these sounds at home.

No, really, great idea. I've thought about recording the noise of stuff in the laundry, (the dryer has some good sounds too) but it would probably include a yowling cat, as he hates when I close the door on him to do stuff like this. He is in the vocals of the last song I did.


I know nothing
I don't know. Seems a risky move to enter the crowded laundry machine VI market, especially with Maytag watermarking their latest lines. But leave it to Soundiron to have the guts to try, and I wish them the best of luck.
Maybe they used an LG model.....
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