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Soundiron Flatulus !! Don't miss it ! $9.


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It's one of the crappiest songs I've ever written. But comments like this - really takes the wind out of my sails!!
its amazing how much more I like demo writers when I'm not buying libraries

A handful always stick out as managing to write something both memorable, use the library well. I still liked that your "adventure brass" demo wasn't actually very adventurish. It's always bonus points when someone manages to get a pretty different sound of a library. Instead of fast with a lot of staccatissimo/marcato lines, you managed to make something that was largely swells - and the staccato/marcato lines you did have, where much slower phrases. Was a really catchy octave line during the holsty part, and very menacing.

but all those feel good points are lost, considering I just realized I misspelled your name? Which is odd considering I knew it was an r not an n, but apparently I didn't type it that way. Maybe that was the april fools? I actually like your taller, handsomer cousin brad jenkins' demos.


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I just listened to the Soundiron podcast about Flatulus, and it's obvious this was a labor of love. :) It was mentioned using this in songs. I can see that happening. In fact, I personally know some people who made a funny/random EP that involves flatulence in every song. It wasn't necessarily intended to be released, but it was. And I don't know if there will ever be another appropriate time to mention it here except this thread. :) Obviously this was made before Flatulus, but it's similar in style, and it's very likely that Flatulus will be used on future tracks (whether they ever get released or not) so there will be some "fresh" samples.

I wasn't sure which song to link to first, so here's the "album" playlist. The songs vary in style, from a Gospel-style groove, to hip-hop, to disco, to jazz (including "advice"), to randomness. But words don't do this justice, so listen for yourself (if you dare). :)

These songs were made to be silly / funny / random, so don't feel bad if you want to laugh at it or share it for others to laugh at. It may be immature, perhaps, but it can be refreshing to laugh about it when life has been too serious and stressful. (Laughter is good like a medicine, they say.) Plus I enjoy the randomness of it, because it wasn't made to be commercially viable. You will hear things you never expect. :)


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There is also a serious side to this library too. Otherwise even $9 is too steep when you can download plenty of fart sounds online.
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