SOUNDIRON - Announcing Cathedral of Junk 2.0! (On sale for $13!)

Announcing the Cathedral of Junk 2.0 upgrade!

Cathedral of Junk is an homage to one of the most unique places in America, the Cathedral Of Junk in Austin, TX. It is a very real structure, built entirely from mountains of scrap metal, car parts, machines, appliances, bottles, windows, doors, instruments, building materials and literally anything you might imagine when you think of the word "junk". It is the creation of one Vince Hannemann, a man with an extraordinary artistic vision. He collected, assembled, welded and stacked it all up into a 3-story tall cathedral in his own backyard that you can climb and explore. Vince let us record our way through the Cathedral with a with a couple of mallets and drumsticks in 2011. On our journey, we recorded dozens of cool-sounding objects and surfaces. The result is an astoundingly musical and fun library, perfect for all manner of genres, from EDM and industrial music to classic cinematic sound design.

This upgrade contains a fully-customizable user interface, modular FX rack and 20 custom FX presets designed to inspire or used as a starting point to help you forge a sound all your own.

Cathedral of Junk is on sale now for only $13.00 (MSRP $19)
Hurry, Sale ends Jan 29th!


Thomas Kallweit


I liked the idea of it for a while.
As now tinkering with it I can only say you did an amazing sound design job here!

The problem for me remains what to do with those wild armageddon sound scapes;)
So not the problem of the inventors at all. But I guess you had fun.

It's no junk at all for sure.

Robo Rivard

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I own the original version, and it takes 441 MB of space on my hard drive. According to the specs, the new version weights 542 MB installed... Is the sample pool the same?


Greetings to All
Soundiron told me this: "This version has a bit of new content, but mostly new scripting, tuning, and layout."

Robo Rivard

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Okay, I just found the specs for the original Tonehammer release:

26 Kontakt .nki files
498 samples (compared to 521)
440 MB installed (compared to 542)
44.1 kHz stereo PCM wav format 24 bits (compared to 24 bits 48 kHz)

The difference in size now makes sense.
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Craig Peters

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I haven´t had a chance to see the video, what is new for owners of version 1?
An all new interface with way more sound shaping controls (built in LFO, filter & arpeggiator, 20 custom fx presets you can layer sounds and automate controls to get some really cool things going on. Definitely watch the walkthrough to see it all in action!