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SoundCues releases "Kalimba Shakti De"


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Thumb pianos have a name....


SoundCues has released Kalimba Shakti De, a collection of 3 thumb pianos (including one bass kalimba, or marimbula) for Kontakt 4.24+.

Mapped across a minimum of two octaves, this library offers 3 dynamic layers, 2 blend-able mic selections, and 5x round robin playback, at 24-bit / 48kHz resolution.

The library includes several patches per instrument including the natural versions, effects, pads, and reversed playback as well as cool built-in effects like portamento, chord control, and even an arpeggiator for enhanced playability:




Check out our website to hear Kalimba Shakti De in action.

Available for only $39.

Kalimba Shakti De is not available for the free Kontakt Player, only the full version of the software.

Happy Composing!
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