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Sound Business Podcast - Working on Hollywood's Biggest Movies with Jason Poss


I put dots and lines on paper.
I think many fellow members may be interested in this. I chatted with game audio professional Akash Thakkar for the Sound Business podcast.

Episode #12, "Working on Hollywood's Biggest Movies with Jason Poss", released a few days ago.

The topics we discussed included starting out in music, how we define success, and working on projects with various kinds budgets among many other things. We also spent a while talking about maintaining health, sanity, and enjoyment while working in this demanding business.

You can find the podcast at the following links:


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Hi Jason,

I finally got around to listening to this today...

Just wanted to say 'thanks' for sharing your experiences. This was a really insightful listen on the practicalities of working with live ensembles and also early-career advice. Great stuff. Thanks!
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