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Sooo many reverbs but which one would you prefer for orchestral use?


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There are sooooo many good reverbs out there but which would you likely use for orchestra?

1) Altiverb
2) Valhalla Room
3) Bricasti M7 (Seventh Heaven & etc)
4) QL Spaces 1/2
5) R2 Surround / Stereo
6) Lexicon
7) Reverbrate
8) FabFilter
9) VSS3

& etc....

I've watched Spitfire's latest comparison video on the reverb wars (video 2). It's kinda interesting to watch the blind fold test. using ears to judge what you think best without telling you what's the reverb used but would really love to hear what's your preference and why ?

I really like Altiverb and has heard many good things about it but that price....oh my.

p/s: OH MY. I really fall in love with the photos of all the concert hall on Altiverb's websites. https://www.audioease.com/altiverb/browse.php...so beautiful !!
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Don't forget MIR PRO with its outstanding Roompacks. I really like using the combination of using a soundstage like Teldex from Roompack 2 and then Miracle (an Algorithmic Reverb that comes free with MIR Pro) to enhance the tail.


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Spaces and Seventh Heaven.

Won't take long before your whole list has been ticked off.
That's the thing. The "never satisfied" syndrome is what most people here experiences i guess. But if you do watch the 2nd video, it's been mentioned it's the preference of the Hollywood guys. I believe they're referring to Altiverb ? You guys may watch the video via the following link in case you've missed out the 2nd comparison video



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Do they offer demo or trial license to test out Altiverb ? Coz i wonder whether it works with FL Studio which isn't listed in their tested music production software.


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Depends on your libraries. If they are wet: just a little add of long tail. If they are dry: a combi of delay and/or early reflections before the tail. For the tail I mostly use Lexicon Random Hall. Early reflections and delay is a never ending story.


Yes, that's an alto flute
Spaces 1 + 2 are very much used here, as well as the VerbSuite Classics by Slate, but one the should not be overlooked (and is currently on sale I believe) is the Sparkverb from UVI. It has some really nice sound and is extremely light on the CPU.
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