SONUSCORE Origins Vol.2: Musicbox & Plucked Piano


Innovative Sampling
Sonuscore proudly presents the second product of its ORIGINS series:

ORIGINS VOL. 2 MUSIC BOX: & PLUCKED PIANO - The Origins series returns with new instruments, new presets and still has the beloved, powerful Multi-Arpeggio Designer (MAD) to help you get the highest quality, creative results in the fastest time possible. The rhythmically interacting and enriching interplay of the music box and the plucked piano offer the best possible basis to create eerie, anticipation building or dreamy moods on the fly. With endless possibilities to churn out ideas one after the other ORIGINS VOL 2: MUSIC BOX & PLUCKED PIANO is a must-have tool for any composer who needs to create the right vibe quickly without losing his or her individual creative expression.

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With the release of ORIGINS Vol. 2, we also include a new feature to the ORIGINS series. You can now export the M.A.D. settings to an external file, which enables you to exchange custom settings or presets between individual ORIGINS libraries.

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