Sonuscore Lyrical Bundle on Sale - thoughts about it?

Phil Harmony

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I just saw this:

I own the Lyrical Vocal Phrases Lib and I really love this Library! Has anyone made good or bad experience with the Cello or Violin Phrase libraries? Are they working with the same concept, phrase modules that you can put together?

I wonder if I should upgrade and get those wo as well...


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Hey Phil, I own the Lyrical Cello Phrases and the Vocal Phrases, thinking about upgrading to the Bundle as well as it is on sale right now.

The Cello Phrases are quite as good as the Vocal Phrases and yes, they are structured the same way, very good to mix different phrase parts together and use different keys and all that.

The Cello Phrases have a legato nki which sounds very nice and is very playable. I use the legato nki mostly to mix my own melodic phrases with the recorded live phrases. Doing this, I feel more like creating my own melodies - the added live stuff is more like a way to make them sound really emotional and live.

From what I have seen, the Violin Phrases are structured the same as the Cello, the product comes with both phrases and a legato nki. The demos sound really good, I get a nice Game of Thrones feeling;)...
Phil Harmony

Phil Harmony

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Thanks a lot! I have just bought it and I love it already! What great artists are performing here!