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CLOSED Sonuscore Action Strings 2 update(!) from Action Strings


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As I appreciate this wonderful library with the editor to make some extraordinary melodic lines and arpeggio's, I can't use it unfortunately enough with my music style (less action heavy). I hope you will use it a lot!

Again: please notice you will have to have bought Action Strings [1] on it's own or have it in your NI Komplete bundle. This key will be the update to Action Strings 2. The Komplete 13 Ultimate and Ultimate CE have Action Strings in it, probably earlier U and UCE bundles (12, 11 etc.) too.

Since this library has released this year, I won't think Action Strings 2 will be included in Black Friday sales. I'm not sure either if the update ( $199) will be discounted, or only the full version ($299). That's why I think $149 for this update on Action Strings 2 will be fair.

Kind regards, Marnix


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I had purchase this library and I'm very happy. The whole transaction was fast and without any problems at all. Thanks!
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