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Sonokinetic multi-sampled Orchestral Woodwinds -RELEASED!!


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How would these blend with the teldex stage of the Arks?
This is one of the things I was wondering about. If they don't have at least an ff dynamic layer they won't really balance properly with Ark 1, though they might still be usable at lower dynamic levels.


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Thanks for asking again. I’ve taken the non-answer to be the answer: dynamic layers are not why you’d buy this library. So I gather whatever its number of dynamic layers, its tone quality is more or less even across the dynamic range. That’s what I’ve been hearing in the demos. Still hoping someone will chime in with a definitive answer.
If I look the names of the samples from mapping editor I see pp, mf and ff for sustains and staccatos.
Sonokinetic BV

Sonokinetic BV

Boutique Sampling
Hi Muk,

We are progressing well on the strings, but we still have a lot to do, so no eta yet. I must say that they are sounding really good :)
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Hi muk,

The strings are a massive undertaking and something we want to get absolutely right. So while we have made a lot of progress they wont be released until 2020. All we can say at this point is they will be worth the wait :)
I hope you have considered and possibly found a solution for runs.

Also, playable patches are greatly apprecaited....
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