Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!


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Sigh. I've tried more times, but everytime it says there is a problem with my bank payment.

I own the Ostinato Strings and Brass. O cruel world! Why can't I have the Woodwinds!



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I've "claimed" this several times and when I finally get to the checkout, it says my cart is empty... I continue anyway, only to get a timed out message.

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yes, it's true, I can tap dance.
sitting here for about an hour now..

don't get me wrong, who am I to complain since you are giving your new baby away for free..

but it is frustrating when you see the counter going down and a button that says 'claim now' and as soon as you click that button you are being sent to the land of bad gateways, where you are constantly asked if you are robot and sometimes get to solve fun puzzles with cars and traffic lights :P


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Progress!! I went from a 504 error accessing the site, to adding it to my cart now. I'm now at the payment error page, regardless of the payment option i choose. I'll keep trying though.