Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!


keep trying it will work!
Also not able to check out due to bad gateway timeout. Your free offer is greatly appreciated, but I have to be away from the computer for a few hours. Can I be assured that I won't lose my free copy since it is in my cart now? Many thanks for great products!


Big NKS Fan !
keep trying it will work!
Surely 'some' differences due to location /servers /etc. but _ in USA, over one hour now and everything times out from Login, to Cart, to Placing Order.
Defintiely appreciate this generous offer, but your counter has shown nearly 500 orders while still not able to get completely through the process.
VERY stable 40GB network here and never any issues from that perspective.
Trying from both MS_Edge and Google Chrome.

Taj Mikel

Have to make an account. Never received activation link. Told I’m a robot. Told I have to activate. Time out when trying to receive activation link. Timeout at cart. Told payment error when finally processing order. More timeouts. Ouch.