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Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!


Capt. Zorro
looks like about 10 people per minute are still getting through by the timing of the emails coming in here - so it's definitely not hopeless:)
The account was reset. Put it in cart. when to pay paypal and it froze, then booted me out of the system. Now the site is 404.

In future, why not just send a confirmation email when people hit "claim" and give them a week to download? Since your giving them away isn't a login good enough to reserve a copy?

Seems like your needlessly tieing up your system with multiple pages and confirmations, when there is no money in the transaction, not to mention people downloading who are also rushed not realizing their download code reserves their copy- MENTION these things. Sending a confirm email would give your system (and your customers) more time.
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Tried for awhile. Couldn't tell on the site if I succeeded. Finally got an email with serial number, so think I'm good. This was after the 2nd checkout click 'Proceed' attempt.
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Taj Mikel

Website is inaccessible and when I finally got the order to go through it gave me a payment error. For a free item? Disappointing


i thought i didn't make it thru the payment process after receiving a 504 error
but i did receive an email with a serial # anyway
i'm assuming a download link will follow?


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Ah - this is tense! :) I'm guessing everyone is trying and the website is really struggling. Not sure if I got this or not... it didn't confirm and hasn't appeared in my Sonokinetic account or in the downloader. Will try with my secondary account but may give it a moment as the site is struggling - everyone loves a freebie I guess (fingers crossed - and thank you Sonokinetic)!
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