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Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!

Sonokinetic BV

Sonokinetic BV

Boutique Sampling
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nice idea, but you´ve forgotten to say this to the guy who did the upload on Soundcloud, because all 4 lists have the same order :confused:
oh hahaa turns out we changed that last minute - let me tell you it has been a busy period:)
so yes it is the same order for all the products, and most demos feature all 4 products!


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Nice, thank you. The bowls sound amazing.

The links are a little strange. For those of you who get confused (like me) the link took me to the Carillon bells. At the bottom of the page is the bundle buy selection.

Yes, the links are quite confused, and thanks to god, I figured out the right one.


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Hoping for Largo even though I am $2k over budget this season (yes that is OVER, ha). It is the only phrase I am missing. The new Bells are awesome. Played with them this evening. Great sound and a step forward for this type of sampling. Excited to see what is next for you guys!


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And here I thought AMS stood for Afraid of Missing Something.

Not missing this Bells Collection... beautiful new product Sonokinetic!
(and has anyone besides me ever lost an entire morning gonging their
way through the Toll collection with the volume way up? I am glad I
have vacation days ahead of me.)
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