Sonokinetic 12 days of Christmas - Day 12 - Largo 50% OFF!!


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Same boat, although in the downloader it say "Open Kontakt Format" and it's allowing me to download... so let's see! :)

Michel Simons

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The red wine seems to have done the trick.

When I tried for the umpteenth time I got a message saying that it was removed from my cart since it was already in my account. Really?? It must have happened somewhere among all the bad gateways.

Anyway, thanks Sonokinetic. Very much appreciated. And keep trying, even if you don't seem to have gone through the whole order process. And please, don't forget the red wine.


Sorry about that. We did plan, we did stress test, but we have some new issues that we are currently working with Amazon to resolve.
I understand and no offense intended (just impatient excitement).

From doing testing plans for a large software org for years I can appreciate sometimes stuff just doesn't go as planned.


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Its in my account but without serial, no email.....just wait ?
And I have an invoice on my e-mail, but it does not show in the account on the site nor in the Manager App. :) But I'm having my fingers crossed for Sonokinetic team to sort everything out :)


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Nice gesture and product - sadly, the process is woefully broken. No luck getting a copy over the last 2 hours. Off to do something else....


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Wow. This is quite amazing. Never seen anything like this before. Besides the many tries to “Claim” it, the several attempts to “Pay” for it, the many, many, many “Bad Gateways” and “Gateway Time-Outs,” and not being able to load my cart, the website also logs me in and out depending on the refresh...

This could be genius, as whoever put it an hour’s worth of work and will miss it, might just buy due to their time investment and wanting to complete the trilogy.


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I've tried for a couple of hours and even made it all the way to the "Process Payment" button before getting a "Bad Gateway" error each time.


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how many people here are trying to get this? 400? 600? 30000? I don't believe there is an army of zombies trying desperately to get this....