Sonokinetic 12 Days of Christmas - Day 12 - Capriccio 50% OFF !!

Paul Owen

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As a grosso owner, i have little preference for capriccio ... :) Although a brief revival of the whole 12 days promo would be more than welcome, as i missed the minimal deal !
So you prefer Grosso? I'm undecided over the two. Be good to read your thoughts on both.


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Glad you are all liking EMP :)

Sotto is still on sale for another 6 hours or so and then its our final deal for this year. I wonder what it could be ......
We get to choose any library for free?) Seriously, Sonokinetic has been so generous this year I feel like I own them some money.


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Well, Sonokinetic's generosity paid off this morning.

I was able to snag a free license for Ostinato Strings last week. Prior to doing so, I wasn't familiar with Sonokinetic.

I was impressed by Ostinato Strings, so I decided to purchase Sotto this morning.

Sotto sounds fantastic, and is unexpectedly deep for a phrase-based library. I could spend days experimenting with all the color combinations. And as a learning tool, I don't think I've ever seen another VI come close.

However (yes, there's a "but"), does anyone else find this library to be deceptively resource-intensive? According to Kontakt, there's rarely more than five or six voices playing. Nevertheless, I was initially getting almost constant clicks when transitioning between triads. Attacks sounded abrupt or cut off, and adjusting the note-on timing ahead of or behind the beat wasn't fixing the problem.

I was finally able to eliminate these problems by (A) raising the sample buffer size considerably (from 128—which usually works fine for my other Kontakt and VSL libraries—to 512) and (B) turning off SpeedStep on the CPU, a 3.4 GHz, 8-thread Haswell Xeon.

In this respect, Sotto joins Diva as the only VIs for which I have to take these measures for acceptable performance. Is this normal?
Sonokinetic BV

Sonokinetic BV

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Hi Symfoniq,

We use Kontakt's Time Machine Pro to provide the best quality across tempo ranges. TMPro is quite cpu intensive which is why you need the higher audio buffer. We do offer the the 16 bit patches to lighten the strain on resources, and you can also reduce the load further while composing by only selecting one mic position.


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We use Kontakt's Time Machine Pro to provide the best quality across tempo ranges. TMPro is quite cpu intensive which is why you need the higher audio buffer.
Ah, that makes sense! Thank you for the explanation. The low number of voices vs. the CPU usage was confusing me. If it had been later in the morning and I'd had my coffee, I might've considered the fact that tempo syncing audio in real time isn't light on the CPU cycles. ;)

Thank you for the awesome library!


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Oh Lordy. It Started with 'Ostinato' free, which lead me into purchasing 'Minimal'.
I woke up this morning (any #key you like) and grabbed the Sonokinetic free Electric Piano,
which in turn, means I am now going to purchase 'Capriccio'.....:rolleyes:
I am so glad there are only 'Twelve Sonokinetic Days of Christmas'.

C.R. Rivera

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Hello all,

Does anyone understand how to use the option for American Express on the Sonokinetic site. I choose the "bank card" option which features a picture of AE, but when it migrates to the bank page, there is no option for AE? Any solutions?

(Yes, I know you can use the PayPal option but the bank credit card option does show AE)


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@Symfoniq I have the exact same problem with an i7 retina macbook pro and logic. Are you using logic pro by any chance? It seems not everyone is hit with having to increase the buffer to such a high setting, so I'm wondering if its a logic thing.


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My wallet is happy that I already owned Capriccio.

Sonokinetic have managed to make their annual sale feel like more than "just" a sale, and something I look forward to as much as anything about the season.


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it's been a nice 12 days of Christmas, but on the eleventh my wallet ran out of steam.Capriccio, however tempting to me, must wait.Plenty of good stuff to go on with in the meantime.Santa has been generous!