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Sonivox Plugin (Orchestral Companion) plays no Sound while in recording mode


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I got the Sonivox Orchestral Companion Brass + Woodwinds. Not the newest library, I know, but anyway.
I am using Fl Studio as a DAW and when I record with my midi-keyboard, there is no sound coming from the Sonivox-Plugin. Sound is back after recording when I just play the playback.

Anyone had that same issue with that library? Or maybe it is a problem of my DAW (evertything else, like Kontakt and all other plugins dont have this problem.)


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As Mario says, not really something this forum(which is about Kontakt) is likely to help with try:



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I found a solution for FL Studio. Enable the "loop recording" and the problem is gone.

This is just a workaround, but it helps. I do my recordings all in "Song Mode", but when you are recording in "Pattern Mode", make sure to increase your pattern lenght.

[Sorry for posting in the wrong forum. People in charge can move this to "Your DAW" or to "Sample Talk". Sorry.]
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