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Something New from Spitfire Audio...British Drama Toolkit Discussion


The best bit was they got someone else to post the teaser on here instead of doing it themselves I guess we are addicted!


I get a Verdi vibe from the image,though I doubt it.

It doesn't correlates to the audio...
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Or maybe, does anyone know BT's middle name? Any chance it's Dave, or maybe Derek? It is possible he plays clarinet?


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Looks a bit like Arvo Pärt, maybe. But I would prefer Moondog!
I agree, it does look a bit like Arvo. Maybe. But I can't make a fit for BDT.
As for the acronym (if indeed it is an acronym), might the "T" stand for Toolkit a la Bernard Herrmann? Perhaps? The other option I thought of is that the "T" is for Tundra (an extension for Albion V perhaps?).
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