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Something New From Spectrasonics!!

One of the clues is "more than one brand new product". That rules out a single new library, like guitars for example. My best guess is a couple of major expansion packs for Omnisphere and Keyscape?


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My god what a week.

- Apple finally announces some good MBPs after 7? years of crap laptops

- I will be watching Dune which is a movie I've been waiting for most of my life

- First time in a movie theater since Endgame

- Spectrasonics launches a new product(s) after a decade?

- U-He announces Zebra 3... oh wait.


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My guesses in order of most to least expected:
  • A set of powerful creative FX called Karra, Scar, Machine and Shock.
  • A full sampler instrument called FCE.
  • An NFT platform for sound sources.
  • A quantum synthesizer.
  • Zimmersphere, TrilliHans and Z-scape (American pronunciation of "Z"), a new set of VIs co-developed with HZ and covertly used in the new Bond film.
  • A video game where you play as "Derek Serping", banging, burning and destroying items to create new sound sources for a VI called Evercube.
  • A new line of toothbrushes.

And lastly, the only right answer for a thing that nobody expects...


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It’s Eric Persing, which means it will be something nobody else has thought of - some new musical synth granular-whatever that will be capable of making some crazy new sounds that everyone will want.

Yes that’s kind of what Omnisphere does, but I think this will be different enough where it merits its own unique interface and sound set. Anyway, that’s my guess.
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