Something is Coming - Spitfire Thunderbolt

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I'd say it's a sale on the Studio Orchestra range as Woodwinds is out Thurs 14th to complete the trio.
I'd say they may end up with a quad bundle for the Studio series since the main orchestral percussion and HZ Perc has all been recorded in large spaces. :)
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There is a little video clip on the Spitfire Twitter

No more info, just some glitching and orchestral sounds. Could be a hint but also could just be some exciting Spitfire sounds.
I'm wondering if that could be Orchestral Swarm? In which case a 2-day flash sale on that?


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Ya definitely hearing popping woodwinds in that video clip so maybe Orchestral Swarm will be the highlight. Now I'm REALLY curious.

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I don't know if this will be the time for it, but there seems to be a lot of interest over at Spitfire for modular synths. Christian and Sandy are way into it, but it Eurorack synth modules pop up in a number of the videos. I wouldn't at all be surprised to see some Spitfire branded Eurorack modules in the future. Maybe even something that would combine a synth module with samples (i.e. a module capable of generating complex, sampled sound content). It might be done in a collaborative manner with another company (like the 8Dio relationship with Dave Smith). Christian seems pretty friendly with Strymon. Maybe something will develop from that.

Or... Maybe it'll be a hardware synth packed with Spitfire sounds, just like the 8Dio/Dave Smith product. I'm surprised we haven't seen more of that sort of thing.

I really do like the way Spitfire is keeping things interesting. Really bodes well for their continued survival. Resting on your laurels and doing more of the same-old, same-old is not a good thing in this biz.


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Hmm, nothing I'm clamouring for there, though that's fine, am eyeing up a field recorder at the moment.
A couple of libraries (Swarm, ChamberEvo) would have killed that purchase, so all good in a way. :)
Hope there's more like this soon!

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Whether I want these or not... individual discounts would have been much appreciated. As a bundle, it’s a nice gesture but a bit random.