Something is Coming - Spitfire Thunderbolt


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I don't think I've ever seen a single demo --even just 30 secs-- of Alternative Solo Strings posted on VI-C. Anyone??


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So I have Artisan Cello. It's a fun little library, especially the little wibbly-wobbly bits on the artisan long patch. Frustrating caveat - the little cog where you can remove certain RR samples is missing, so you have to dig way down under the hood if you want a specific sample to trigger each time.
(For reference - each note is sampled twice. Each sample is unique in that there are ornamentations to it - rebows, mordents, trills, scoops.)

So the question is... Does the repackaged AltSS have the sample edit cog that other Spitfire libraries do?

Mike T

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Clumsy music? I don't think so! Sounds beautiful.
A most beautiful piece.
I really didn't plan to listen to the end, but I did anyway because I liked it so much. Reminds me of the exploration tracks in the Skyrim Soundtrack that I've listened to a lot recently. Beautiful!

Nothing against being humble, but when almost everyone regardless of experience prefaces their posted tracks with some kind of self-deprecating disclaimer, it's getting silly. I see many members who do this, not just you.
This is stunning!
Wow, well, thanks guys!

There's a hint of doubt in that...
I couldn't pass on ASS so it's downloading now. Was @miket post above that tipped me over
And to you, you're welcome/I'm sorry.


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I caved and bought Alternative Solo Strings. With that, I'm now the proud owner of the full Thunderbolt collection, since I'd bought the other libs along the way.

What pushed me over the edge was @Justin Robbins's great track:

As an added bonus, Native Access greeted me with this:


Ruffian Price

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Native Access has me pegged correctly.
Screenshot 2019-02-13 at 10.37.42.png

I was also sold by Justin's noodling and the lib really does seem like instant "that indie movie you didn't particularly like but don't regret watching" sound. I don't think I'm gonna be using that performance legato though, not sure if it's the crossfade tuning, but every transition sounds like the performer is doing a quick rebow right before changing the note. Melodic lines sound better with the basic long articulations.


Luke Johnson
And the time has finally come to try HZ Strings out. The Trem CS Pont Waves Patch is amazing. Gonna have a lot of fun with this library!

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 02.00.03.png