Some "asian/symphonic" vibes with orchestra


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This is my semi-asian-western-movie-style overture. At first I didn't want to take the "asian" path, but then I thought it was cool, after rewatching mulan(disney). I'm not sure if it's too overloaded or would work in some way as a soundtrack. Let me know what you think.



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but then I thought it was cool
You're right. Sounds very cool.

The piece has nice form. Love the big intro and there are tastefully placed peaks and valleys throughout. Nice orchestration, too.

I'm not sure if it's too overloaded
I don't think so. If anything the trumpet+horn unison part ( :34-:40 ) sounds a bit too sparse. I'm not sure exactly what's missing here (some more sonority here maybe?).

I think the repeating of the theme at the climax is a bit repetitive, even with the instrumentation changes. Maybe some modulations? But you may have tried that and found it too much.

Despite the tiny criticisms, this is really nicely done.

would work in some way as a soundtrack
Definitely would. Keep composing and posting! Looking forward to what you come up with next.


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Hey thanks very much! I'm trying really hart not to be too "confusing", since this is one of the main criticisms I got from this forum, and ofc I think they are right.
Since you haven't found it too confusing, I'm happy that it did quiet well.
To me it sounds a bit repetitive too, yes. Still not sure how I should have done it...


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Wow! Nice orchestration!
What Vsti's have you used in this one?
Still haven't changed my setup for a year now I think.

Woodwinds: Berlin WW + Soloist Expansion
VSL SE Vol.1 Bass Clarinet and Bassoon
Brass: Hollywood Brass Diamond
Metropolis Ark 1
Perc: Hollywood Orch Perc Diamond and some VSL SE Harp (still;D)
Strings: CSS
I don't know the reverb atm, I switch between QL Spaces + Lexicon and only QL Spaces...