[SOLVED] Touch OSC sending 4 x for each press issue


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Starting to use the iPad with Touch OSC to send CC messages to change articulations and very much liking the feel of this workflow over keyswitching in the piano roll.

However, my momentary buttons on my TouchOSC template seem to be sending 4 x for each press.

i.e. Sending on CC58 to control CSS articulations a single tap of a button on the template sends 4 'bars' to Reaper (as sen in the CC58 lane) all stacked roughly on top of each other though sometimes there are two bars x two deep right next to each other.

I'm sure this isn't right and in the Touch OSC editor I can't find anything that looks like I'm asking the momentary button to transmit anything other than one value per press on Channel 1 to CC58 with the appropriate value.

Has anyone encountered this before? I can delete the excess transmitted events after the fact but it's another chunk of time given to a task I'd rather not have to do.



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Marking this one as 'Solved' thanks to Hexler support.

The latest version of TouchOSC allows Momentary buttons to only send on Press or only send on Release. As soon as I set my buttons to only send on Press the number of transmitted messages reduced to 2x for each press. Despite crawling all over the TouchOSC Editor I couldn't see what I had set incorrectly.

Rob at Hexler wondered if I had my iPad wired or via wifi. I actually had it via wifi originally but then when it became an invaluable part of the workflow I hard-wired it via USB.

Of course, being a doofus, I didn't disable the Wifi so Touch OSC was transmitting one CC via the USB port and another via Wifi. Doh! As soon as I put the iPad in Airplane mode the transmitted CC message was a single value, as it should be.

Another lesson learned. Never assume a hard-wired connection will override the Wifi!