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[SOLVED] Mono, but for multiple groups?


Naroth Audio
I'm trying to figure out how to setup the Unisono - Portamento Factory script to work with multiple groups playing samples, but keeping the notes mono not voices, but cant seem to find out what is limiting the voices which is what the mono seems to be doing as far as I can tell. I removed every note_off and fade_out which is what I thought would be doing it, but its still only playing one group.

Any thoughts?


Naroth Audio
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@raidmarji basically:

on note
if ($g_edit_play_mode = 1)
end if
$last_id := $EVENT_ID
end on

$g_edit_play_mode is a button to toggle mono/poly


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I think that could be done using fade out instead of note off. And keep the previous faded note going instead of killing it. And then fade it in again when second note is released.
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